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Voting Procedure

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:48 pm
by Nathan
To all Delegates:

Please read and understand the voting procedures used in the General Assembly. These were agreed upon by the membership of the MTO and have been most recently updated on 13 December, 2013.
A. When voting on a matter that is not amending any treaty of the Organization, the General Assembly or the Secretary General shall ensure that:

1. Voting on the proposed measure shall start when two delegates have given support for a motion to vote.

2. The Secretary General or Deputy Secretary will then declare voting to be open.

3. Any case of voting shall last for 1 week.

4. When voting on proposed measures, members may vote in favour of the measure, vote against the measure or they may abstain from voting by indicating so. Members who are not present shall not have their vote recorded.

5. For the purposes of tallying votes, only the votes of those voting either in favour or against a measure shall be counted. A measure shall only pass when the votes in favour outnumber those against.

B. When voting to elect officials of the Organization, the General Assembly or the Secretary General shall ensure that:

1. There shall be one week of declaring candidacies. All candidacies will be filed with the Secretary General.

2. On the first day following the 'candidacy week', voting shall begin.

3. When voting on filling a position, members shall vote for one and only one candidate or, if believing that no candidate is satisfactory, refrain from voting for a candidate and instead vote "no to all candidates". Voting shall continue for 1 week.

4. When tallying the votes, unless "no to all candidates" receives plurality, the candidate who achieves plurality of the votes shall be elected and fill his or her position with the organization immediately.