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Announcements & Propaganda Thread

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:33 am
by Continuator
Date & Time: 05.IV.1671 11:33 CMT+4
Source: Radio broadcast, transmitted en clair, originating 19 km due south of the island of Zylenia, rebroadcast and amplified from unknown location triangulated as being proximate to Corcovado
Originator: Unknown. Broadcast on channels used by Constancian Navy for routine communications

Citizens of the Free World!

You are cordially invited to witness, participate in, or merely support, the navies of Constancia, Talenore, and Shireroth, backed by friends from as far afield as Tapfer and Benacia, sponsored by discerning investors from the ESB Group, the Iron Company, SATCo, and other discerning partners, in their leisurely and amicable freedom of navigation cruise, conducted in the year 1671 ab Nortone between the islands of Talenore and Niijima and back again.

In the spirit of good will for all and malice towards none, we hope and expect that this will be an uneventful voyage which will merely serve to underscore the right of all nations to navigate without fear of interference upon the high seas and to demonstrate once more the bonds of amity between the international community and the Hoennese realm.