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The Princepality of Bazion

Posted: Tue May 07, 2013 2:51 pm
by Trydan
Ladies and gentlemen,

A new nation is raising, the Princepality of Bazion.
King John, the King of the nation, has found the country at March 23 2013. The land is a monarchy, under controle of the King.
Now there are two citiziens, King John and me, Cael of Gebar. I hope you will join our nation. Maybe you now Bazion from this site: Look at the site and you will now much more. Of course there have to be a lot of work to do for both of us. The nation will be a peacefull nation, not war but converse. Story telling will be a head line in the nation. I hope the other nations will accept Bazion as a nation on Micras.


Cael of Gebar
Future Prime Minister

Future Prime Minister of the Princepality of Bazion
(played by: Jorini van Gebar)

I post this in name of Cael of Gebar, my brother