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FNORD 2021

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2021 2:52 pm
by Ric
Hi everyone, this is Ric, your usual chairman for the Fnord Awards. We're about to look for the 2020 Fnord awards, for any work or event that occurred in the year of 2021. As usual, we'll announce the winners on Fnord Day (January 8, 2022), which in the calendar of Norton would be the 1704th year of the anniversary of the death of Emperor Norton.

New and unique for this year's events, is that we'll announce it all as part of the Expo 1703 closing ceremonies! So exciting!

For more information, visit this link!

You may nominate privately to me or publicly in this thread or on the wiki, whichever way you find most convenient.

Re: FNORD 2021

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2022 9:12 am
by Ric
The Fnord for Overall achievement is awarded to Mondo/Rossheim, for returning, and reminding us of all the cultural work done over nearly two decades of micronational career!

The Fnord for Conflict resolution is awarded to Frans for organising the Barikalus sanctions as a rare sane, or at least reasoned, response to the conduct of a rogue state on Micras.

The Fnord for Cultural Development is awarded to Octy/Salome all the work on Shireroth, Laqs, reorganization and the way Shireroth is becoming an emerging power once again.

The Fnord for Literature is awarded to Gustaaf for his industrious output over the past year

The Fnord for Best New Country is awarded to Kurum Ash-Sharqia, being the best new country that is not a resurrection – with an interesting and well-developed backstory and an active presence in the diplomatic world

The Fnord for Art is awarded to James for nice art relating to Meckelnburgh and Port Balaine

The Fnord for Cartography is awarded to Malliki for all the continued Sanaman maps showing immense detail, and actually educating us about the conditions of Sanaman society and culture

The Fnord for Diplomacy is awarded to Malliki for reviving the lost art of contacting people in order to negotiate mutual, formally drafted, agreements between states