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2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:03 pm
by Craitman
So it's high time to open up the application process for hosting next year's confederational tournaments! Each region's finals will take centre stage next summer!

The qualifiers will be held in their usual period of January-June, with the Confederations Cup being played over the same period in which the holders and hosts of each regional championships will compete in place of qualifying, having received automatic berths in their respective finals. Therefore, not only will the successful hosts get to stage their own tournament, their team will also have a chance at official silverware before it's even started!

While all four tournament sizes and berths have yet to be finalised - with the end-of-year rankings and membership numbers to dictate that - the FMF would like to suggest that any interested nations tailor their bids for the possibility of hosting a tournament involving eight teams; which is likely to be the largest field each could see. Any adjustments needed to cater for a smaller tournament shall be made once the hosts have been announced and qualification organised. We aspire to have all tournaments run as 8-team events this year, requiring at least four stadia to be named.

This bidding process shall remain open for five weeks and any bids received after November 17th will be disregarded. Successful hosts will then be announced shortly afterwards, following an FMF Executive vote, before the draws for each confederation's qualifying rounds are made in the days after. Qualification will begin on the last Wednesday of January and will take place over the same period of time as the familiar World Cup rounds.

As per a decision of the FMF council, no joint bids will be permitted for this competition, due to the format of the qualifiers and the Confederations Cup. Additionally, Lamantia and Batavia will be barred from hosting having held the last editions of the confederation championships and still remaining on Micras.

Could any prospective hosts please complete the form below with as much relevant information as possible and, at your discretion, any factors which make your bid more suitable than any others!
Nation Name: [Your nation's name]
Number of Stadiums: [How many stadiums you have. List names and capacities. *Asterisks around those under construction*]
Leader: [Leader of the nation and official title]
Government: [National government type]
Number of Leagues: [How many divisions the league has]
Number of Teams in Premier Division: [How many teams in your top flight league]
Why do you think you deserve to host the competition?: [A brief pitch on why your nation should host/is capable of hosting the most important micronational football competition]
Any questions may be asked as a reply to this thread, and we wish everyone all the best with their bidding. Thank you!

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:36 pm
by Malliki
Nation Name: Sanama
Association: WMFA
Number of Stadiums: 14 named, many others as well of course.
FS Provincial Stadium, 57,620
Channel 2 Arena, 41,500
SanOil Arena, 63,840
Xalanti Stadium, 32,110
Ffelisa Corp Arena, 55,190
Tosha City Stadium, 46,120
Apishe Group Stadium, 27,800
Soli Cooperative Arena, 39,500
Boomtown Records Stadium, 25,900
Thanatos County Stadium, 38,140
Stadio Acquecalde Accjaio, 54,800
Stadio Televisione Cisamarra, 31,580
New Woodshire University Stadium, 22,600
The Den, 29,900
Leader: IC: TBD, OOC: Me
Government: Republic
Number of Leagues: 2, perhaps 3 if I manage to bother
Number of Teams in Premier Division: 18
Why do you think you deserve to host the competition?: Good footballing infrastructure, good communications, nice weather, lots of rice, fruit and meat.

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2021 8:44 pm
by Continuator
Nation Name: Greater Elwynnese Realm
Association: WMFA
Number of Stadiums: 20
Cape Cottage, Caligae (55,000)
Iron Arena, Chryste (capacity 25,000)
White Orchid Stadium, Araxion Tower (capacity 60,272)
(Currently checking the particulars, there's a list somewhere, and I will edit in once I have it)
Leader: Archon Adam al-Osman
Government: Post-constitutional Benacian Hierarchical State
Number of Leagues: 2
Number of Teams in Premier Division: 18
Why do you think you deserve to host the competition?: As a longstanding FMF member, the hosting of the Confederations Cup would mark the reopening of the Greater Elwynnese Realm to the international community following its period of reconstruction. Elwynn is a culturally diverse and vibrant multiethnic society, with a rich and varied past that fully highlights the interactions of its many communities. The transportation network, consisting of road, rail, and chartered air services are firmly under government control and are being presently upgraded and expanded to ensure the safety and comfort of honoured international guests. Investment by the Benacian Union and it's stakeholders will deliver refurbished and expanded stadiums well able to handle the demands of a top tier international sporting event and the entire edifice of the state and society will be made available to fulfill every requirement or desire that the FMF executive may have.

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 9:51 am
by Alperen
Nation Name: Hazar
Association: CTFA
Number of Stadiums: 10
14 June Stadium, 65,000
Karadeniz New Stadium, 33,000
New Batıkonır Stadium , 12,000
Lion's Nest, 45,000
Bipa Park, 32,000
Istiklal Republic Stadium, 33,000
Binyurt Serhat Stadium , 25,000
Atlaskent Olympic Village , 30,000
Doğanşahiye Martyrs Stadium, 15,000
Merinosa Crocodile Arena, 35,000
Leader: Null OOC: Me
Government: Provisional Semi-Anarchic Republic
Number of Leagues: 3
Number of Teams in Premier Division: 14
Why do you think you deserve to host the competition?: Hazar is really good at football. I can't wait to bring a tournament inside Corum. Now, after the revolution, order has started to fall into place and the security of the nation will be in place until the tournament starts.

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 2:33 pm
by kemal HagemaruFRP
Nation Name: Phinbella
Association: EMUFA
Number of Stadiums: 8
* Negara Awan Galaxy Stadium, 92,000
* Samjil Stadium, 63,400
* Rintis Island Governmental Stadium, 42,000
* Kamp Nou, 80,500
* Bukit Sembilan New Stadium, 46,800
* Iñderaqonır Stadium, 40,000
* Springwind Stadium, 66,200
* Scattered Islands International City Stadium, 82,400
Leader: Mat Fenian Sheares, His Excellency
Government: Federal parliamentary republic
Number of Leagues: 3
Number of Teams in Premier Division: 14
Why do you think you deserve to host the competition?: Phinbella is a multi-racial country divided into three autonomous entities. Football is the most popular sport in Phinbella. Phinbella’s football development is now really improving and hopes to be better on par with other countries in Keltia, as it has its own league that produces great local players. Phinbella is also famous for its entertainment that reflects the culture of the country, it can be used as a major tourism product. Phinbella also expects to provide the best service, in terms of transportation and accommodation facilities, there are existing ones to be upgraded, as well as plans to add other facilities. Phinbella if chosen to be the host, the country provides an opportunity for tourists or supporters to come to the country, certain groups can also enter the country without any interruption. Phinbella has a desire to host the 2022 edition and bring Phinbella in the eyes of the Micras world especially in Keltia.

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2021 11:57 am
by Senya
Nation Name: Senya
Association: AEFA
Number of Stadiums: 6
- The Snakepit (115,000), Svorgas
- Revolution Road (64,000), Jogasim
- Stad Tiga (61,350), Tiga
- Sanyanska Arena (50,000), Sanyanska [ground will be expanded from present 35,000)
- Heroes of Apollonia Stadium (47,258), Torlkar
- Gerze Stadium (43,500), Gertsa
Leader: Barnaby Hands
Government: Democratic
Number of Leagues: 4 professional, leagues simmed down to 6th tier, wiki evidence down to 10th tier
Number of Teams in Premier Division: 16
Why do you think you deserve to host the competition?: Come 2022, Senya will have waited 5 years since it last host a major tournament, and 9 years since it last hosted the Copa Apollonia. During this time, Senya's borders have expanded westwards and the team has collected its first world title. As such, we think it is time, especially in the absence of other bids, for major tournament football to return to Senya. Our proposal lists three stadiums in Northern Senya, which were not part of Senyan territory five years ago, to give a larger audience of Senyan football fans exposure to the beautiful game, whilst venues in Svorgas, Jogasim and Tiga are all well versed in hosting major tournament football, with all three hosting games in the 2017 FMF World Cup. Senya's neutral political standing allows for a seamless ability to host all potential qualifying nations and our world famous atmosphere would ensure that this would be a tournament to remember.

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2021 2:45 pm
by Craitman
Bidding is now closed. The FMF Executives shall now vote and will announce the tournaments' hosts in due course...

Re: 2022 Confederational Championships host bidding

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:06 pm
by Craitman
The FMF Executives have reached a majority decision, and the following nations shall host their respective confederations' championship finals next summer, with their national teams being automatically entered into the 2022 FMF Confederations Cup:

AEFA - Senya
CTFA - Hazar
EMUFA - Phinbella
WMFA - Sanama

Thank you to all those who bid!